Account Opening Form For Individual Beneficial Owner

Individual / व्यक्तिगत     
Non Resident Nepalese / गैर आवासिय नेपाली
YES / हो     
NO / होईन
YES / हो    
Married / विवाहित    
Unmarried / अविवाहित

Detail Of Beneficial Owner

Correspondence Address / पत्राचार गर्ने ठेगाना

Permanent Address (Write Address Same As Citizenship) / स्थाई ठेगाना (ठेगाना नागरिकता अनुसार लेख्नुहोस )

  Same as Correspondence Address / पत्राचार ठेगाना जस्तै

Identification Certificate Details

Bank Account Details / बैंक खाताको विवरण

Details Of Occupation / पेशागत विवरण

Nominee Detail / ईच्छाईको विवरण


Agent Code

Other Document अन्य कागजात


Re-Verify Data

Please make sure/reverify that all the details are correct. Any amendment/changes in the details shall charge Rs 100 for each.

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